Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why the economic disaster and why I took on the IRS despite the corruption of the Courts

It was really simple.

Someone had to expose the fraud of the IRS.

If not me, then who?

If not now, then when.

I had nothing when I started my struggle against their fraud 18 years ago (I was 23).

I had hopes for victory and a life with a family because I believed in the Justice of our Courts and the Rule of Law. (What a simplton I was.)

How wrong I was. All one needs to do is go to judicial-discipline-reform.org, and see how the Courts dismiss without any action, over 99% of the thousands of complaints they receive regarding judicial misconduct.

Hindsight now shows the Courts as equally corrupt and bankrupt as Wall Street.

I had to stand up, for I knew I could never be free if I left my Countrymen to struggle in ignorance while we were slaves to an endlessly inflating currency requiring a Man to work more and more hours to survive, and an IRS claiming 55% of ones pay if he worked overtime and only 45% if he worked like the average industrial sloth, as I experienced.

The fraud had to be exposed. The suffering of the Paper Money System and IRS corruption had to be confronted.

Today now we know with certainty that the Congress was the enemy all along. The Immune System of Liberty, co-opted by the virus of the Money Trusts, became the ally of our opressors.

The struggle has been going on since the begining, as shown in the recent HBO series on the life of John Adams.

It seems the Founders of America well understood the crime of 1666 when the Bank of England was created. But there were many inside of the power base who were willing to sell their nation out for the promises of temporary wealth that paper money brings. The Stories behind the War of 1812, the First Central Bank dissolved by Jerfferson, the Second Central Bank dissolved by Jackson, the Lincoln GreenBack and Kennedy and U.S. Notes are but installations of the ongoing saga of the enslavement of Men without the weights of iron chains.

Now, 232 years later, and 95 years after the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and beginning of the credit and Paper Money Game, it is coming to a final Act, and the curtain about to close.


Some blame the American People, who share a responsibility which I do not include myself becasue I confronted this mess head on and lost everthing for their sake.

No I will not blame the American people for not saving more of an ever inflating currency to show themselves as dutiful dupes believeing in a fraudulent currency.

Later in this message you will see me defend the People with specificity on one hand, and indict them on the other, but it will never be for the lack of their embracing the fraud of the Federal Reserve Bank and Fractional Reserve Banking system and Paper Money that is fraudulent in every way.

This is what the U.S. Supreme Court said in 1930 in Craig v. Missouri about Paper Money, and thus it translates to the Federal Reserve Bank.

"The certificates issued by the state of Missouri under the law are 'bills of credit;' and thus the law conflicts with the constitution of the United States. They are issued under the authority of the state, and put into circulation by the state; as the representative of money; as a substitute [29 U.S. 410, 418] for it; to perform the functions of money, by becoming the medium of circulation.
The prohibition of the constitution is in these terms; and every word in the clause is important and emphatic: 'No state shall' 'coin money,' 'emit bills of credit,' 'make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.'
What is the form and meaning of these bills? They purport to be receivable at the treasury, or any loan office of the state, in discharge of taxes or debts due to the state. They are issued of different denominations, from two hundred dollars, to fifty cents, payable to no particular person; they are, by the twenty-third section of the law, to be received for salt, by the lessees of the property of the state; by the officers of the state, in discharge of their salaries and fees of office. They pass, by delivery, with every characteristic of money. It is only necessary to state these, the purposes of their issue; the character and form of the certificates; the obligation imposed on the citizens of Missouri to receive them; to establish that they are 'bills of credit;' 'emitted' 'by the state' of Missouri; or 'coined' money: and that, not being 'gold or silver,' they are 'a tender in payment of debts.'
The sufferings of the people of the United States from the issues of paper money, or 'bills of credit,' during the revolution, were yet in full operation when the constitution was formed. While it might be dangerous to deny that many of the means of the war were procured by the emission of that money; the exigencies of the country, strugling for existence, were the only safe apology for their use. When the confederated states were about to become a nation, which should owe its prosperity to sound and just and equal principles; the opportunity to reproduce the same state of things, the same wide and wasteful ruin by the acts of any of the members of the confederacy, was at once decisively and explicitly prohibited by those who formed the constitution. But, if it is contended, that the certificates issued by the state of Missouri were not 'bills of credit,' because it is said they are not declared by the act which directs their emission to be 'a legal tender;' it is asserted, [29 U.S. 410, 419] that if even they are not such, it is not essential to 'a bill of credit' that it shall have that incident. The Federalist, No. 44. Many of the bills issued by the states during the war were not made a legal tender; but they circulated widely, and with equally disastrous consequences. 9 Virgin. Stat. at large, 67, 147, 223, 480, &c.
In relation to money as a circulating medium, the states are one. All and each have one and the same interest in a sound currency. These interests are a unit; not only from the neighbourhood of the states to each other, the identity of their interests, and their free and unrestrained intercourse; but because the regulations of the constitution embrace the whole subject of money as a circulating medium.
To the existence of the government, certainly to its convenient fiscal operations, a uniform currency is important, if not essential; and if the principles which may be fairly drawn from a sound construction of the provision in the constitution under examination, extend to bring into doubt the legality of bank notes circulated as money, under the charters granted to banks by state laws; these principles may not be the less true, or their importance of the less magnitude.
If the certificates for which promissory notes were given are void, and the act of the legislature of Missouri on which they are founded was against the constitution of the United States;"

In this case, even the high Court recognized that Paper Money worked for sufferings even when produced by the Continental Congress. So it would never be any different if the U.S. Congress did the same thing. The result would always be the same.

100 years later the Legal Tender Laws were enacted and the U.S. Supreme Court changed against the Truth, facts, and history of the damage the paper money creates.

Today we face the paper money created by Goldman Sachs that they called Collateralized Mortgage Obligations. These instruments have now been proved to be merely yet another form of legalized gambling under the guise of a "security" instrument. So much so that nobody wants to buy one for anything more than 20 cents on the dollar.

The Bail-Out is due to the fact that the holders and sellers of these CMO's believe that the government can and should give them at least 40 cents or more on the dollar.

Now why do we want to do that?

Oh yes, so we can hyper-inflate all of the money supply forthe purpose of cocaine credit addiction that our society demands, and cause more suffering for the American People as the Craig court pointed out.

Same old Song and Dance

Upon hearing the bail-out was a flop, I felt like re-writing the words to "We're In the Money" to be "We're in the Wampum".

Whether or not Wall Street is bailed out, the Vultures of reality have come home to roost upon the Dollar.

Obama almost told the truth when he explained that the Root of the Financial Crisis is actually in the Congress spending too much money.

He was almost truthful as the fact is that the root of the problem is that Congress printed up too much money to justify its orgy of spending under Democratic Control for most of the past 50 years.

The Sunday talking heads like Robert Reich and Newt Gingrich, stated that part of the blame is on the People of the U.S. as they do not save enough, and that we have been living beyond our means.



But the speed at which the Republicrats have both been printing dollars, the People of the United States of America have needed to spend their money while it was still worth something. (As the U.S. Supreme Court pointed out in Craig)

Couple that with the hidden true rate of inflation, what were the people supposed to save?

Oh yes that is right!... the adjusted CPI numbers that elimated housing, fuel, and food from the CPI reveal that Americans have been living beyond their means because they insisted on eating, driving to work, and living indoors.

Congress is not telling the truth because they are the culprits.

The Man from the most corrupt local political machine in the nation (Obama) cannot tell you the truth because it will expose the game his party has been playing as good cop, which was really the enabler hooking Americans on Cocain Orgy Government spending.

The Manchurian Candidate can never tell you the truth because he has been benefitting from the orgy of spending for 25 years, and his party perfected the orgy in the REgan and Bush administrations.

The good cop/bad cop parties work for the same Department, and both get paid and have power by the dollar they inflate.

It is time to have a third party.

It will not be much of a party because there is nothing to celebrate when justice returns, for justice is ugly, as ugly as the reality America now joins me in facing.

Who is at Fault?

If the American People are to be held at direct fault for this debacle of the Congress, Treasury, and Wall Street (which was in the past the only hope outside of gold for the maintainence of hedging against inflation), then we are guilty of not lynching the Congress, Senate, Treasury, and Supreme Court who presided over the Legal Tender Laws and sold us a Lie of exponential materialism under Paper Money.

Unless the Government is going to finally lay down before the will of the People, they and their talking heads had better take direct and public responsibility for all of this.

This Bail-Out is merely the scene of the Congress refusing to recognize how they created this mess, as the Craig Court is vindicated against the present fact of the folly of its successor Court.

The Courts and the Congress. Both were supposed to protect the Money and our Liberty.

Both have failed.

Both are broken beyond repair should we use the present components and fail to exact the proper penalties for the violations of oaths of office and the Public Trust.

Dr. Ron Paul is the only one who will be found innocent of the whole bunch, vindicated by his voting record.

America has officially lost everything...like I have, but they have yet to have a similar stark realization.

But there is hope....

For once you lose everything, then you can do anything.

Thurston Paul Bell